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Reflections in a high country rain puddle

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Photo Story
This shot is at the far end of Hakatare Potts Road almost at Erewhon station. The water is actually a rain puddle but with the camera placed at water level it assumed the look of a small lake and captured the mountain reflections nicely at Dawn (Canon 5D Mark 3 , EF 24-70 lens 30sec at F /10 ISO 100 44MM)

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Stewart Watson
I’m a Wairarapa landscape photographer, I love travelling around the country in our motorhome. I love colour, & I produce bold and bright photographs. My images are for sale as prints, canvases or digital downloads. I post on FB (Stewart Watson) but it’s not my main focus although the New Zealand Made Products group has been amazing for me. my website is and I post daily on IG where my name is new_zealand_landscapes

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