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The unnamed lake

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Photo Story
On a recent road trip in the South Island with friends, I noticed this small lake near the roadside along the Lewis Pass and begged my friends to stop. It was just at the start of the St James Walkway. While they stayed in the car I ran down the short path to find this stunning view. I really loved how the Lake had just started to melt which gave it this mirror like effect at the same time as clearly being iced over. Is a moment that would not have existed an hour either side of us arriving so I did my best to capture it.

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Roger Baillie
I grew up in West Auckland, which is where I get my love for landscapes, wandering the Waitakere Ranges and black sand beaches. I can’t remember when I received my first camera but I know it was blue and I always had it in my hands. Photography for me is about sharing. A place or a moment in time. Taking people on the adventure with you. It’s about opening your world to those who can’t be there.

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